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A Self-Development Book to Improve Your Health Wealth and Relations


Life is full of good & bad happenings. 5% is the action & 95 % is all reactions in our Life. Do you want to be happy? Do you want to improve human relations? Do you want to know how you attract diseases and how to cure them? Do you want to improve your marriage life? Do you want to gain self-confidence and have a worry-free life? Do you want to learn & re-learn various soft skills? Do you want to be successful financially, emotionally and spiritually?

You can have what you want!

This book draws on a lot of real life anecdotes & stories to learn.

Mirror is an object which we commonly use every day. I believe that


Mirror is one of the important tools to improve our life. You have a big crystal mirror in your House. You will agree that at least twice in a day every person faces Mirror. One while bathing & second while you change your clothes. You are fully nude in front of the Mirror. For so many years, you have faced Mirror from your childhood.


What is the dialogue you have with your friend in the mirror normally? i.e YOU! Just record it. Do you love or criticize the opposite person in the Mirror? Your life problems starts here & end here!

This book will help every reader to find it. What are the challenges in life & how it works? practical exercises to work in the journal and strategies to Improve life.


You should practice one chapter a day, also practice each Strategy daily to improve your life. Each chapter will be a soft skill for individual to learn and re-learn.

It will be an energy drink for everyday life!


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