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5 Types of toxic people you should avoid


1 – Those that shift blame.

2 – Toxic types that always complain.

3 – Toxic folks who invite or initiate gossip.

Avoid gossipers as much as possible since they thrive off your misery. In addition to harming themselves and the victim(s), gossiping can induce a negative mindset in those around them.

4 – Those only interested in self-gain.

Self-serving individuals will toy with others’ emotions to get their needs met. ​​Sadly, such people view others as a means to an end – nothing more. Throughout your interactions with these entitled people, you may realize that they will never return the favors they demand. So, since they never consider others’ needs, you have no reason to get involved with them. People preoccupied with taking advantage of others will manipulate and deceive others.

5 – Those that seek attention.

Those who desire attention or admiration have huge egos and only feel important when others notice them. t’s perfectly normal when children seek attention because they still have developing brains. However, when a grown man or woman insists on being the center of attention, it’s almost assuredly a psychological abnormality.

So, How to deal with Toxic People?

1. Remain positive to counter their negativity.

Smile at them.Laughing and joking with others can make you forget about the person and enjoy the company of other person. This also boosts your mental health and can help you make better decisions. 

2. Practice mindfulness.

Many negative people don’t know how to regulate their emotions. So, they take out their frustration and stress on other unfortunate souls. However, you can help them and yourself by remaining calm in any situation. Breathe slowly and deeply. To help you stay present, it’s essential to watch your breath. Being aware of your emotions and staying present will help you deal with toxic people. 

3. Offer compassion, but don’t take it upon yourself to “fix” someone else.

Realize you can’t save everyone. We all have to walk our journeys and become the heroes of our own stories. Try to limit your exposure to these types of people because they will only drag you down eventually. You can still wish them well and love them from a distance. Listen, but don’t offer additional help. Toxic people will try to draw you into their world whenever possible.-Avoid it.

Parag Nesarikar


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  1. Have you experience toxic person around you?

  2. How did you tackle it?

  3. Did you like any of the above points to handle Toxic people around you?


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