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Bluechip Fund is a Good Option for Young Investors?

Young investors should realize the importance of setting long term investment goals, especially if they are considering investing in equity related investment tools like mutual funds. Mutual funds can be one of the ways for young investors to get a brief idea about the vagaries of the stock market.

That’s because mutual funds predominantly invest in equity and equity related instruments and offer a higher risk return ratio (though not promising the same every time). But just because mutual fund investments are subject to market volatility, that doesn’t necessarily mean investors will have to bear losses compulsorily.

If you invest in a scheme whose business strategy fits with your investment objective, you stand a chance to fetch some returns from your mutual fund investments. What mutual funds do is that they collect money from investors sharing common investment objective and invest this money in various assets like equity, debt, bonds, government securities, etc.

This way, mutual funds have the potential to balance out the risk.

Young investors seeking capital appreciation through equity exposure can consider investing Bluechip Fund. To find out more about Axis Bluechip Fund and why it can be a good option for young investors, read further. But before that let us understand what Bluechip Fund is.

What is bluechip fund?

Bluechip fund is an open ended mutual fund scheme whose investment objective is to achieve long term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio predominantly consisting of equity and equity related securities of large cap companies including derivatives.

However, there can be no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be achieved.

Are there any benefits for young investors considering investing in Bluechip Fund?

Young investors who are looking forward to investing in Blue Chip must know that the scheme offers some benefits. They are as follows

  • Bluechip Fund invests predominantly in large companies.

  • Such companies are traded frequently and hence comparatively more liquid and also less volatile as these stocks have proven track record, business models, and capable enough to deliver long term consistent returns.

  • The Bluechip Fund aims to outperform the benchmark with risk lower than the benchmark.

  • Bluechip Fund holds asset class benefits. Equity as an asset class holds the potential to beat inflation and generate long term wealth.

  • Bluechip Fund may help investors achieve their targeted their financial goals. Long-term goals such as children’s education & their future, retirement, or any other long term growth that needs a wealth creation plan might be fulfilled through this scheme. However, these things returns are not guaranteed by the scheme.

Why is Bluechip Fund a good option for young investors?

  • Investors can help in capital growth: Most of us invest in improving our current financial status. Bluechip Fund’s investment objective is to seek capital appreciation over the long term. Thus young investors can expect some capital growth from their investments. However, they need to stay invested for the long run if they have to increase their chance of earning some profits. That’s because Bluechip Fund invests predominantly in the equity market, and equity investments had performed decently when remained invested for the long run.

  • May offer young investors with financial stability: Bluechip Funds provide investors with a diversified portfolio. This diversification of assets in various money market tools might help in balancing out the possible risk that may arise during volatile market conditions. This way, a bluechip fund investment might be able to offer financial stability to its investors if they remain invested for the long run.

  • Bluechip is suitable for long term investment goals: A lot of time, young investors overlook at long term investment goals like retirement planning or accumulating a corpus for their children’s higher education. That is because we like to live in the present and hence do not worry about the future. However, you are bound to need more money in future than you need now, and it is essential to have a decent corpus at that time. Bluechip fund holds the potential to achieve long-term goals such as children’s education, your retirement, or any other long term growth that needs wealth creation plan.

Young investors with a long term investment horizon seeking stability in their overall investment portfolio may want to consider investing in Bluechip Fund. But they should bear in mind that the above stated features or benefits of the Bluechip Fund may not live up to their expectations in all circumstances.

Hence, it is advisable for you investors not solely to depend on Bluechip Fund as their investment choice and to diversify their overall mutual fund portfolio as per their investment objective.

Investment is a long-term process, and investors need to be patient and allow the money to do hard work for them. Mutual fund investments, if given a chance to grow, may be able to help young investors in reaching their ultimate financial goal.

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