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Case Study: The Financial Journey of Sarita, an NRI-

Updated: Jul 18

(Clients Name is changed for confidential reason)


Sarita, a 35-year-old Non-Resident Indian (NRI), had been working in the Middle East for the past decade. She had ambitious financial goals:-

1) Purchasing a home in India,

2) Funding her children's education, and

3) Building a comfortable retirement fund.

However, Sarita felt overwhelmed by the complexities of managing her finances across different countries and sought professional guidance to navigate her financial journey.

Financial Challenges Faced by Sarita:

Tax Implications:

Sarita was unsure about the tax regulations and obligations she had to face to in both her country of residence and her home country. She wanted to ensure compliance while optimizing her tax planning strategies to minimize liabilities.

Investment Options:

Sarita was uncertain about the investment opportunities available to NRIs and how to allocate her savings effectively. She wanted to explore investment options that provided a balance between risk and returns.

Retirement Planning:

Sarita was concerned about building a sufficient retirement corpus to maintain her desired lifestyle after she stopped working. She needed guidance on retirement savings vehicles and estimating her retirement needs.

Financial Planning Journey:

Comprehensive Financial Assessment:

Sarita approached us through a common friend. She wanted to consult an expert financial advisor. That too experienced in working with NRIs. As a regular practice we conducted a detailed analysis of Sarita's financial situation, including income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. We also assessed her risk tolerance, financial goals, and time horizon.

Goal Setting and Prioritization:

Based on Sarita's aspirations, the we helped her establish specific and realistic financial goals. Then we prioritized these goals to create a roadmap for Sarita's financial journey.

Tax Planning:

We as financial advisors, in collaboration with a tax expert, reviewed Sarita's tax situation in both countries. Then identified tax-saving opportunities, optimized deductions, and ensured compliance with tax regulations. This allowed Sarita to maximize her savings and reduce tax liabilities.

Investment Strategy:

We educated her about various investment options available to NRIs, such as mutual funds, stocks, real estate, and fixed deposits. Then crafted a personalized investment strategy that aligned with her risk tolerance, goals, and time horizon. Regular portfolio reviews were conducted to make adjustments as needed.

Retirement Planning:

We worked with Sarita to estimate her retirement needs based on her desired lifestyle and anticipated expenses. They developed a retirement savings plan, considering factors like inflation, investment returns, and retirement age. Sarita was advised on suitable retirement savings vehicles, such as pension plans and Systematic withdrawal plan &Monthly Income Plan, to ensure a comfortable retirement.

Insurance Planning:

We explained the importance of protecting her family's financial well-being, Sarita secured life insurance coverage that provided comprehensive protection for her and her dependents. Her assets in India were Insured fully. We guided her in choosing appropriate policies that aligned with her needs and future financial obligations.

Results and Achievements:


With a well-structured financial plan, Sarita successfully purchased her dream home in India. It was insured for market value fully. The plan factored in down payment requirements, mortgage options, and the impact on her overall financial position.

Education Funding:

Sarita was able to secure her children's education by setting up education savings accounts and investment plans. This ensured they had the necessary funds for quality education, both in India and abroad. This was design with a mix of Life Insurance and Mutual Fund Sip & lumpsum investments.

Retirement Security:

Sarita's retirement savings plan and investment strategy helped her accumulate a substantial retirement corpus. Regular reviews and adjustments ensured she remained on track to achieve her retirement goals. This was design with a mix of right Life Insurance and Mutual Fund Sip & lumpsum investments.

Financial Confidence:

Through ongoing collaboration with her financial advisor, Sarita gained a deep understanding of her financial affairs and developed confidence in managing her finances across borders. She felt reassured that her family's financial future was secure.


Sarita's case study demonstrates the value of comprehensive financial planning for NRIs.

I hope this article will help you understand the importance of financial planning. If you need a comprehensive Financial Plan contact your Trusted Financial Advisor.

Parag Nesarikar

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