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Five reasons to immediately follow up on leads and Referrals

Updated: Oct 1

How many calls are necessary, for instance, to reach a live person when cold calling? How many people do you need to call once you've got one on the phone before they'll listen and engage in conversation?

How long does it take to decide to meet?

It has never been easy to attract new customers. Consider leads and recommendations now. Often, it is simpler to convert them into customers. But do you offer them the respect they merit?

Warm leads are well-known to Agents and financial consultants. They're interested or have made the effort to get in touch because they want to learn more. It could be tempting to think someone is "too small" or is just looking.

Here are five reasons why you want to jump on warm leads the moment you get them:

  1. In the past, people used to mail coupons to a central location after clipping them from newspaper advertisements. That lead might come to your desk in the neighbourhood office weeks later. Those times have passed. Today, online advertisements frequently receive a prompt response. Technology is fast. Today, people expect immediate answers.

  2. Have you ever looked for home improvement contractors? If so, it is unlikely you only reached out to one. You got recommendations, did research, and contacted several. Your potential prospect might be judging you not only on your price but also on your response speed and professionalism. They have made several inquiries.

  3. Imagine that you were hurt and that you went to the hospital on your own. You wouldn't want someone to make you wait and then tell you, "The doctor can see you in a week." The potential customer has the drive to get in touch. They want the other party to the dialogue to act immediately. They have a need.

  4. Demonstrate your competence. Let us stick with the idea the prospect has contacted three providers because they are shopping around. Let us also assume your competitors offer similar products and pricing. What other factors will influence the prospect’s decision concerning which advisor and firm to choose? Your response time, “bedside manner,” and understanding of their situation will weigh in their decision-making process.

  1. They chose your firm. There are likely many advisors in your area. The prospect did not call them all; they selected three or four names. Your firm’s reputation was a factor in their selection process. It is as if they are saying, “I would be comfortable doing business with your firm.”

  2. Big trees grow from little seeds. The prospect’s inquiry might concern term insurance. You might think I won’t be making much money on that transaction and not give it too much attention. You are an unknown quantity to the prospect (and vice versa). The way you treat this person and the importance you attach to addressing their needs might make them comfortable enough to do more business with you and refer you to friends.

You should get in touch right away, whether the lead was created by a system or came through a referral. It's difficult to find new clients on your own. Consider a prospective lead you receive as a priceless gift. Do not put off opening it.

Please do share your views and experiences Parag Nesarikar

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