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How to Get A-List Referrals easily


It can take years for a financial advisor to develop the business acumen and connections to successfully prospect for high-net-worth (HNW) clients.

Where to find them

“Developing a long-term strategy requires building strong relationships.”

It is recommended by experts in the industry that you join at least three organizations, such as an animal rescue, museum, or local chamber of commerce. These groups will hold monthly events—attend at least once a month with the objective of meeting at least six HNWI people.

· One advisor said that becoming part of their family leads to a very long-term relationship,”

· The other advisor said, - She’s built her business of HNW clients in part by gaining exposure to them by playing in golf tournaments.

· Another approach to prospecting for HNW clients involves something most financial advisors already do: asking current clients for referral leads.

· Referrals from clients are typically for prospects who are in a lateral financial position at best, So, referrals from C-tier clients will likely result in C- or D-tier prospects.

Narrowing your search to HNW individuals. if you approach this by saying (to your clients),

· ‘Let me tell you who I’m looking for,’ That’s OK, though that is an advisor/agent-centered approach. I recommend you shift that to a client-centred approach and say something like, ‘I’d like to tell you who my process is designed to serve the best.


·In one example, One advisor set up a health exam for one of her clients who was concerned about the well-being of their elderly parents. “She said, basically, I helped to arrange for a full medical examination for my client and his extended family,” she said. This is the kind of connection that transcends the client-advisor business relationship. While this is something that may have only taken a few phone calls and emails to coordinate everything, it was a gesture that was really appreciated by my client because it made him feel that beyond doing business with him, I’m also able to help him with his other areas of worries and concerns.

” Developing a long-term strategy requires building strong relationships.

· She also advised never to push for a sale with an HNW client and always maintain their trust.

·“Most high-level individuals are very private people in certain aspects of their life. When you can maintain their privacy in a way that they appreciate, they are more likely to share more of their personal life with you.”

· Top clients are busy and often distracted with other obligations, so get to the point quickly and keep things concise. “They always like to hear the big picture, the big concept, something simple, something straightforward,”

Keeping & Finding A-list clients HNW clients is only half the game — advisors must understand how to keep them. In most cases, these wealthy individuals have everything they want, so it can be difficult to find a gift for them to show your appreciation,

· One advisor even suggested - donating money to their favourite charity as a way of showing gratitude. “ Many of his HNW clients are involved with various charities, so you can contact all of them and ask which non-profit is their favourite, and why they love them.

· As an advisor, you can choose your comfort level and work accordingly. I am sure you will like these ideas

Do share your experiences, please

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