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How to Protect yourself and your family ?

Updated: Mar 10


In an unpredictable world, protection for yourself and your loved ones is paramount. Life is filled with uncertainties and the unforeseen can occur at any moment. Insurance is not just about policies or premiums, it's about peace of mind, a safeguard for the future. It's about ensuring your family can maintain their lifestyle, fulfil their dreams, and face challenges with financial confidence, even when you're not around.

It would also be a good idea to secure your home and belongings against natural calamities with household insurance and your family members against ill health with a floater policy. Despite these precautions, life is bound to lob some googlies at you. This requires an emergency or contingency fund that is held in liquid and absolutely safe investment avenues.

Sudden Acts of God or misfortunes that befall you and your family can quickly derail your carefully laid plans. Therefore, obtaining a life cover, health cover and accident cover for the breadwinners of your family is an essential first step that must precede any other investments.

While 6-9 months’ living expenses is the usual recommendation for the size of this emergency fund, the fund will need to be larger if you have dependants or work in a sector or firm with low job security.

This will not make misfortunes any less painful, but it will make their financial impact less debilitating to deal with and help you get back quickly on course towards your goals.

Remember, insurance isn't a cost, but an investment in your family's future. The best legacy you can leave for your loved ones is the assurance of financial security. Secure your family's future today, because protection begins with prevention.

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