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Retirement Formulas

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What do you think - When you hear the word Retirement?

  • Do you see yourself spending weeks at a time with your grandchildren? 

  • Do you see fulfilling your Wishlist or Bucket list? or

  • Do you see Traveling to remote vacation spots you have always wanted to visit?

Those dreams simply do not line up with the reality for many working Indians.

Rather than packing their bags for a month-long escape, many retirees will be packing their lunch for an eight-hour shift.
And it is not because they want to; it is because they are broke. They are not financially free! 

In My Retirement Formulas, Parag explains that retirement is not an age; it is a financial number and amount you need to live the life in retirement that you have always dreamed of. 

Whether you are twenty-five or fifty-five, you can start now. Parag will prepare you to follow these Golden Rules to make your own investing decisions. 


You don't have to retire broke, stressed, or work long hours. You can retire happily with a smile on your face!
Or worse yet, like most retirees, maybe you are fearful of dying broke?
Fear, frustration, and anxiety over retirement planning are all normal emotions, but they do not have to be! In this book, author explains how you can turn these retirement-crushing pitfalls into massive money goldmines!
If you implement the Rules & strategies described, you’ll get 100X the cost of this book in value at a minimum!
So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to live the memorable and purposeful retirement you have always dreamed of!


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