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About my first book- "Mirror"


Preface of this book-

Dear Friends !

Mirror is a subject of Mind Power. It’s a subject of having happiness  with respect to Health Wealth and Relationships in life.  Life is full of good & bad happenings. 5% is the Action & 95% is all  Reactions in our Life Behavior. Hope is the Dream of every man. We  all have dreams of being successful, dreams of doing our best for people  we care & love, dreams about achieving our Goals. And this is possible  only when there is hope for positive result.  

In my experience we crave for stories from childhood, New stories  which give kick & refresh our mind body & soul. All around in day to  day life we perform certain role in our story. Its related to our life or it  could even be related to others life. Everyone behaves in his own way –  his own masti-ful life.  

This book caters to all age groups children’s, youth, adults & every  sections of the society.  

Mirror Book will help every reader to energize. It is a powerful  energizer that cleanses deep rooted physical, mental & emotional  stresses and toxins, thereby helping to coordinate the mind body with  the rhythms of nature. This will bring sweet relationships, greater joy  and enthusiasm for life. I sincerely advise each one of you to Practice  those exercises & understand it with repetition.

It will be a energy drink  for everyday life. You should practice one chapter a day. Also practice  each Strategy daily to improve your life. Each chapter will be a soft skill  for individual to learn and re-learn. 

I am sure by now the content above must have created interest for you :

Grab your copy now:

Parag Nesarikar


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