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Decide on Your Definition of Wealth


Oh my God! what is your Definition of wealth.

This is the one you must sit down and work out in advance if you are going to get wealthy. My observation is that wealthy people have worked this one out. They know exactly what, to them, wealth means.

I had a wealthy and extremely generous friend who says that he knew long ago how to do business and multiply his income.

He would consider himself wealthy because

-he has a passive income.

-he earns income out of interest on his investments and business without working.

-he says he has worked for money, now money works for him.

Its all about our belief system from Childhood & life experiences.

This friend says that as long as (b) is more than (a) then he is happy. A & B are the standard he has made his definition of being wealthy.

This is the definition of being wealthy or rich.

My own definition for compassion is having enough so that I don’t have to worry about having enough. I feel that I have been comfortable since I started counting in thousands rather than in rupees.

For some people not worrying might mean having enough to pay for any emergency that might arise in your family or home.

So how will you define it?

  • By the number of cars you own?

  • Servants ?

  • Air-conditions or number of rooms in your flat or house.

  • Cash in bank?

  • Value of your house?

  • Portfolio of Investments?

There are of course no right or wrong answers, but I do feel that until you have worked this one out you shouldn’t read on. If we don’t have a target we can’t take aim. if we don’t have a destination we can’t leave home.

Similarly check what you feel being worthy out of the above points discussed. Write your script of When you will feel wealthy, after what things achieved in life you will feel you are a rich person or you are a wealthy person.

Parag Nesarikar


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Write 10 things what is the Definition of wealth to you?

If we don’t do this how you will know if this book has been helpful to you?



This is one the chapter from my book "MIRROR" A Self Development Book to Improve Your Health Wealth and Relations.

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