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Understand Your Money Beliefs


Most people are too lazy to be wealthy.

We all grow up with money myths. We get a lot of them from our parents and the way they bring us up. I can still hear my mother saying -A penny saved is Penny found till date.

My money myths are based on a lot of nonsense like that. But mist of us have following ingrained beliefs:

· Money is the root of all evil.

· Money is dirty.

· I don’t deserve to be rich.

· Money corrupts.

· Money is made by only greedy and dishonest.

· You lose your friends and family if you get rich.

· You must work too hard to be rich.

· I wasn’t meant to be rich -if I was I would have been by now.

· I m not the right type to be rich. Its too late now to be rich.

Now work out why you hold these beliefs. Is it something you have actively thought about, reasoned out, dedicated some research to? Or are they inherited, left over ,picked up along the way?

Get rid of any that you can question and accept are nonsense. Discard any that simply aren’t true. And chuck out any that stand in the way, hold you back, stop you making some money.

What you should be left with is nothing, a blank sheet. Now you can write new beliefs such as:

Money is Ok

Wanting Money is OK

I am going to be Wealthy.

I m prepared to put in the work.

Wealthy people have none of the troublesome money myths we poorer people have.



Write 10 Money Beliefs you have?

  1. -

  2. -

  3. -

  4. -

  5. -

  6. -

  7. -

  8. -

  9. -

  10. -


Source: This is one of the Chapters from my Book: Mirror-A Self Development Book to Improve Your Health Wealth and Relations

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