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Manage Yourself than to manage Money


How well do you know yourself?

Pretty well?

Not at all?

We think we know ourselves until we come to give up smoking, lose weight, get fit, get rich. And then we realize we are lazier, have less will power, less determination, make less effort, get too easily dissuaded, fall by the wayside too readily.

If I wanted to tuck, you under my wing and make you wealthy the first thing I would need to know is -Do you have what it takes to be wealthy?

  • Are you determined enough?

  • Will you work hard enough?

  • Will you stick at it?

  • Do you have a backbone?

  • Stamina?

  • Guts?

  • Focus?

You see if you don’t then the chances are you won’t succeed.

If you decided, you wanted to win Wimbledon you would have needed to start playing tennis when you were about five and have been winning junior championships by the time you were fourteen. It’s the same with money.

And what I noticed is that the wealthy -when they are starting out anyway- have enormous drive and are prepared to make enormous sacrifices. Self-control and delayed gratification are useful arts to learn.

Parag Nesarikar


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  1. Write 10 things which you organise yourself in daily life?

  2. Write your Daily & Monthly Time Table-

  3. Write 5 Money management points which you manage regularly-

  4. Write 10 things you wish to do to Organise your self well more than money-


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